Serverless Kotlin and Apache Kafka® with Google Cloud and Confluent Cloud

A presentation at SnowOne in in Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia by Viktor Gamov

Modern serverless technologies are emerging in different sorts and ranges. But there is no doubt that they are introducing significant innovation to the application development space. Developers today are trying to grasp the best approach with each cloud vendor but are faced with these questions: How do I deploy a serverless application? Which platform supports my language of choice? How do I manage the application state? How do I integrate with existing legacy systems?

In this talk, you will set up and deploy a serverless application that includes event functions, services, and data streaming. You will use cloud services for hosting the event functions, services, and data streaming while ensuring full portability to your own infrastructure using open source technologies, including Kubernetes, Apache Kafka®, and Knative.

All of these pieces will be weaved together through a series of hands-on exercises to create a cohesive serverless application that consumes, processes, and analyzes a stream of Stack Overflow questions. You will be able to run everything on your own machine or in the cloud. The workshop exercises will use Kotlin with Spring Boot, but the examples will be explained from a Java developer’s point of view.