5K Serverless Microservices with Kotlin, Kafka, Kubernetes, KNative and Kong

A presentation at Infoshare in in Gdańsk, Poland by Viktor Gamov

Modern serverless technologies are coming in different sorts and ranges. But there is no doubt that it’s bringing significant innovation to the application development space. And today’s developer is trying to grasp the best approach for each cloud vendor. And often she faced with the following questions

How do I start? Which platform supports my language of choice? How do I manage the application state? How do I integrate with existing «legacy» systems? In this presentation, Viktor Gamov will walk you through the setup and deploy a serverless application that includes event functions, services, and data streaming. For event functions and services we will use the open-source Knative project on Kubernetes. For data streaming, we will use Apache Kafka.



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • chat-kafka

    chat application that uses kafka as a transport

  • explicit-filter

    Application that filters explicit words from request

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