Tidy Up Microservices With Kafka and Kuma

A presentation at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 in in Valencia, Spain by Viktor Gamov

Given the rising popularity of microservice-based architectures, Kubernetes has solidified itself as one of the most dominant container management systems available on the market. That said, deploying a host of RESTful/HTTP/gRPC services on Kubernetes has not been historically easy or efficient. Enter service mesh. The service mesh easily facilitates the communication of synchronous microservices over a network. Leveraging an asynchronous communication method – such as that provided by Apache Kafka® messaging – may complicate things. Over the course of this presentation, Danica and Viktor will explore how to deploy Kafka-based microservices – including vanilla Kafka and Kafka Connect components – together with Kuma. We’ll also discuss the benefits and relevance of this particular approach.


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